MISSIONS SUPPORT:  As a Church, and individually through our "Faith Promise Giving," we support several missions and our local Benevolence Fund program.

Why we support missions: To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Wichita, across the nation and around the globe in accordance with the Great Commission of Mark 16:15: "He said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.'"

Missionaries we currently support:

Toby and Amy Hill serve in the Merendon Mountains of Honduras. Toby has started a church and has trained seven men to start additional churches in other towns. Amy is a nurse and holds medical clinics serving areas throughout to mountain for people who have no other access to medical care.

Craig and Allison Fowler are missionaries to the Gumuz people in Ethiopia. Craig has started seven churches and is training local men to start more. Allison is a nurse; she looks after the physical and spiritual needs of the village, especially women and children.

AWANA serves children through clubs sponsored by churches. Western and central Kansas are led by Jeff and Pat Schuessler. The goals of AWANA are to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to train them to serve Him. AWANA places strong emphasis on Scripture memorization and on evangelism.

Rob and Carla Harris work with Kontakmission, which sends missionaries to Western Europe. Some of the church planters are native to the areas they serve, but many are going over to serve from the USA.

With Voice of the Martyrs, Duang Nga is our special missionary in Laos. He has a wife, Sainh, and two children, Thao and Nang Noy. He serves two churches with services on Thursday and Saturday evening, and two services on Sunday.

Union Rescue Mission cares for the homeless in Wichita by feeding them, clothing them, and providing shelter and spiritual guidance.

Cookson Hills is a home for orphaned and troubled children in Oklahoma. Many of these children grow up to be ministers and missionaries.  They have been caring for children for 75 years.

Prairie View Christian Camp is the summer camp for our church's children. They meet other Christian kids and learn more about their Savior.

Gideons International is an organization which distributes Bibles to students and soldiers, and places Bibles in hotel and hospital rooms.

Rolan and Dianne Goyer have a mission to the prisoners in Kansas county jails. Rolan witnesses to the men and Dianne witnesses to the women. They visit with the inmates one-on-one and they give them Bibles. They also furnish eyeglasses to those with vision problems, so that they can read the Word.

The Chaplancy Endorsement Commission recruits Christian ministers to serve as chaplains in the armed services and in military hospitals, and it supports those already serving, both physically and spiritually.